About Us

Since incorporation in 2009, the essence of AOC is to eradicate poverty for many children and their families and to truly support and provide quality education for disadvantaged children and communities in Indonesia as well as to empower young people to achieve their full potential. To date, we have built 5 schools and supported some other schools and there have been more than 1000 school children that have benefited and graduated from our educational programs.

We believe that good quality education is not simply a task of teaching and learning. We are focused on how we can meet our children’s and communities’ needs, the outcome of our education and on how it helps them achieve their talents and potential to transform their lives in the future. We provide a well-defined set of education, as a part of an integrated education and learning, delivered by our teachers and instructors. This platform places us in a unique position, allowing us to offer quality education for children and community development in Indonesia.

This is ‘The AOC Way’ strategy. Through our strategy, The AOC Way, we are executing a number of distinct choices and strategic priorities on our journey to become an agent of change for poverty alleviation through education, empowerment of young people and community development. We embrace stewardship values and nurture relationship with our donors and sponsors, stakeholders and strategic partners as part of our stewardship commitment and deep sense of duty. Transforming Life and Making Life Better!