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    Making Life Better
    Happiness is the most basic need of Human being.
    Let's share a smile and joy to others.
  • Education For Poor Children
    Raise Your Hand
    Poverty is the greatest challenge facing on Humanity today
    and everyone deserves an education.
  • For Brighter Future
    Be an Agent Of Change
    Bring the dream to come to live and change the world to fight poverty.
    Together we will make a difference.


We welcome to those who want to lend their energy and hand to be part of our activities. Kindly say hello to us and state your interest.

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To make a difference in the education life of a child in our project around Indonesia.

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Be an agent of change. Together we alleviate poverty

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To be an agent of change for poverty alleviation through education and empowerment of young people

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To fund projects that will have an impact on the local communities by improving their standard of living

What Our Values?

These Values define who we are.






Our Causes

Our mission is based on our causes below. These causes are the reason for us to keep on growing.

Alfa Omega School Depok

Alfa Omega School - Residence 12 is a housing complex that overshadow orphans and elderly. This housing complex was inaugurated on 12th December 2012 in Jakarta. Residence 12 has purpose to save 12 unwanted children by their parents ad raise and introduce them to the love of God. Secondly, it...


Alfa Omega School Marunda

Alfa Omega School Marunda is the first community learning center that inaugurated on 29th July 2009. Education becomes the background for its founder to build this community learning center. The founder believes that education is a bridge to a better life and a ladder to empower people to raise their...


Alfa Omega School Bantargebang

Alfa Omega School Bantargebang is a the second community learning center that inaugurated at Bantargebang on 21st February 2011. These community learning center purposely for children from poor family, for children who dropout of school, and to make people to have a better life.

Efata Bali School

Efata Bali School was established on 24 June 2018 in West Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia with the help from volunteer teachers and family members. Within just one year, the school has seen genuine interests from parents and local community. With much passion and enthusiasm, the school has started 5 classes being...

Community Care

Community Care

Your continued support and generous donation will help us reach more toward community development program and make a difference to communities in need.

Our Project 2020

Get involved and be part of our Project 2020 Programme!
Be their sponsors and donors and make it your business to care! Join our Project 2020 Programme today!

20 Companies for School Children-in-Need (20C)

It is a fund-raising programme with the purpose to encourage companies to take part in corporate philanthropy by pledging their donation to support Australia Oikos Care annually. In this programme, we aim to recruit 20 business organisations to adopt Australia Oikos Care as their supported charity.

20 Philanthropists for School Children-in-Need (20P)

The 20 Philanthropists (20P) programme is our new fund-raising initiative to get our major supporters who have extraordinary passion to help our children-in-need. We want them to be part of our 20P programme.

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