Alfa Omega School Marunda

Praise to God Almighty, on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 has been unveiled CLC Alfa Omega School building which stands on MARUNDA as a self-own to YCARE Indonesia with covering an area of 240 square meters. Thanks to the support of the donors who never stop ranging from the purchase of land and construction of school buildings, construction that finally began in September 2014 can be completed as well.

Before construction of CLC MARUNDA, CLC Marunda rents 3 house (1 home for office & kitchen, and two homes for the class that turns the entry). The purposed school building is in addition to providing comfort in teaching and learning for teachers and students, aims to give confidence to the people that we are serious about dealing with education in this area and also give confidence to them to send their children to CLC MARUNDA for own permanent building.

Hopefully with a permanent building can bless MARUNDA and surrounding communities through education so that they can make BETTER LIVING PEOPLE (MAKING LIFE BETTER).

CLC MARUNDA new Building (Permanently Self Own)

Ignition Siren to indicate of School Officially Opened
( from left Mr. Yohannes D, Mr. Daniel Ong, Mr. Heri, and Mr. Jeffry T ) 

Picture Taken with students of CLC MARUNDA

Pizza Distribution to all students