Project: Alfa Omega School Bantargebang

Students of AOS Bantargebang

Project Details

Alfa Omega School Bantargebang


Mrs. Maya Yulia Tomasouw

Bantargebang, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia

Since 2011

Number of Students : 32 - 40

Number of Teachers : 4

Project Description

Alfa Omega School CLC Bantar Gebang, which was officially opened on February 21, 2011 and is located at Jl. Mangul Jaya Rt 04/04 Cikiwul Bantar Gebang in Bekasi. Since the 2015-16 school year begins, CLC Bantar Gebang relocates to a new place of service due to the surrounding environment that is less conducive to the impact on the disruption of the learning process.

YCARE Indonesia then took the decision to move the learning process to better land and replaced staff principals and teachers who served in CLC Bantar Gebang. Relocation to the area that is not too far from the previous location, allows for the students who are in school to attend schools in the new location of CLC Bantar Gebang. Although the location of the school is now actually existing under the foot of a mountain of garbage, the students still remain enthusiastic about going to school and equipped with a great education.

Project Latest News

CEO Message, 1st November 2019

By God’s grace, it has been a fruitful and exciting year for Australia Oikos Care (AOC) for the entire year of our blessed journey, great efforts and dedication in making AOC grow and prosper.

July 2019 – CEO Message

With deep appreciation and gratitude, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued donors, sponsors, partners, stakeholders and volunteers for their continued efforts, financial support, generosity and loyalty in helping and making Read More

CEO Message 2019

Pay it forward – giving a donation and contribution to make a big difference to school children in need.

An Official Visit to Alfa Omega School Bantargebang, Bekasi

As part of our CEO and Board of Advisor regular official visit to Australia Oikos Care School Projects in Indonesia, our CEO, Dharma Sutedja and Board of Advisor, Ferdy Wijaya have recently visited Alfa Omega Read More

A Fruitful visitation to AOS Bantargebang

It was an exciting day for me personally since the last time I, Christine Fenhart,  visited one of the school was approximately 5 years ago before my daughters were born. We had done lots of Read More

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