The story about Alfa Omega School teacher named Dedi Surya

Dedi joined one of our Schools that we sponsored in 2009, as an Early Childhood Teacher Assistant. As time went by, along with his commitment and work ethics, he was given an opportunity to teach in Program A for students who could not complete high school.

During his time as a teacher, Dedi, who only had a Diploma certificate, had always wanted to continue his study to University for a Bachelor Degree in Education. In 2012, AOC provided Dedi with a scholarship to further his education.

He enrolled in Open University in Teaching Education and in September 2017, to God’s glory, he completed his education and attained the Bachelor Degree of Education.

Words of Gratitude from Dedi Surya,

“I would like give my heartfelt thank you to all AOC Sponsors who have assisted and supported me by giving me scholarship so that I can have a bright future ahead of me. I hope the wisdom I have attained can be lent to the advancement of AOC School and to the nation. God bless the committee leaders and sponsors of AOC.”

His story has really touched our heart, as what we are doing is not only blessing the students but also the teachers who have been putting their effort and heart for the kids.

This aligns with our vision- to be an agent of change for poverty alleviation through education and empowerment of young people. Thank you for being part of it.