An Official Visit to Alfa Omega School Bantargebang, Bekasi

As part of our CEO and Board of Advisor regular official visit to Australia Oikos Care School Projects in Indonesia, our CEO, Dharma Sutedja and Board of Advisor, Ferdy Wijaya have recently visited Alfa Omega School in Bantargebang, Bekasi to meet teachers, parents, school children and staff.

They are warmly welcomed and deeply touched by the dedication and commitment of our teachers there to teach and develop our school children wholeheartedly. During the visitation and fruitful meeting with the teachers and staff, they have shared and given the teachers and staff some valuable advices and directions for the school development and teaching improvements in general.

We firmly believe that our school is in the good hands to grow and develop our children. The key to children’s bright future and good life is to give and equip the children with good quality education and values so that they can achieve their dreams in the future. We shall continue to love and nurture children as best as we can and shall never stop to educate, equip, grow and develop them …