School Visit February 2018

Our new CEO, Mr. Dharma Sutedja, recently in February 2018 had the opportunity to thankfully visit Alfa Omega School (in cooperation with YCare Foundation, Jakarta) in Marunda North Jakarta to meet with school children and dedicated teachers and to get to know them better. In this opportunity, he deeply discussed with the teachers and staff about our school activities (teaching and learning process), school values, good quality education for our school children, teachers training & development and school improvements in general. While visiting the school, he was also handing out healthy foods and drinks to the school children.

We trust that these school children are rightfully given the good quality education and key learning process and they are deservedly equipped with the right behaviours, values and mindset right at their very early stage of education so that they can embrace the opportunity to learn and grow in their important studies and achieve their full education potentials in their well-being as good students in the foreseeable future. To be able to do all these good works, we surely need your continuing donations, financial support and generosity for Australia Oikos Care.

We truly thank and deeply appreciate all the teachers and staff for their precious time, dedication, endeavours and tremendous contribution in making this Alfa Omega School worthy and successful for the local communities there. May God bless these schools, children and teachers as well as the school staff for the many years to come. To God be the glory.