Catfish Farming

As one of our important projects in Indonesia, Residence 12 has been providing many contribu­tions, benefits and opportunities for the local community in the surroundings and neighbor­hood of Depok, a small town of about 35 km south of Jakarta.
To embrace these opportunities, our team at Residence 12 has successfully taken on and set up a catfish farm at the large backyard of our Residence 12 complex.

This catfish farm was initially started in March 2017 with a catfish pond measuring 2.5m x 3m built in the backyard of the complex. We successfully harvested our first catfish crops of approximately 500 big catfish in June 2017 and we expect to expand this project milestone even more in the near future. To increase our catfish farm production capacity and to generate continuing stream of revenue and net income for our Residence 12 cash.flow needs, we have planned to gradually build more catfish ponds on the backyard which we antici­pate for the ponds to be completed and ready by September 2017. To support and expand this target, we will buy more catfish seeds to help accelerate our project and to produce catfish crops even more in the foreseeable future.

It is our hope that our catfish farming project will continue to succeed and be able to provide a good income for our Residence 12 staff as part of our sincere contribution to the local community there. Therefore, your donation and generosity will be very important for us to realize this hope and in order for this project to proceed further and to be sustainable.