A Christmas Message from our CEO

We take this opportunity to appreciate very much all the team, donors, sponsors and volunteers for their dedication, generosity and continued support throughout the year. It has been a wonderful year for Australia Oikos Care Foundation. We are proud to be making a real difference to the lives of our children, teachers, communities and their families in Indonesia.

Australia Oikos Care are proud to have funded our schools towards quality education for children and educational programs for young communities in Indonesia, improving educational care for kids whose parents have very limited financial resources, introducing Paket B (Secondary School) and Paket C (High School) programs for young adults and school leavers and helping those who want to further their studies easier.  

We are also excited about the formation of our new partnerships with some local foundations Yayasan Setia Melayani Sesama (YSMS) Batam and Yayasan Efata Bali (YEB) this year, a joint initiative to expand and grow our schools to reach out, accommodate and facilitate schooling for many more children in Indonesia.

Australia Oikos Care and New Life Foundation Queensland have jointly established and started to provide Paket B (Secondary School) and Paket C (High School) educational programs for young adults to further their studies that will change outcomes and positively impact their continuing efforts to pursue their higher studies. Together, we are continuing to provide funding to implement our school developments over the next three years thanks to the support of people like you.

Our dedicated management team and volunteers and staff have made a very special effort every day of the year, helping our organisation and schools get better and better, making sure all children have access to the best possible education wherever they live and receive the care and support they need.

We would like to thank all the team and our incredible volunteers for their dedication over the last twelve months, working hard to exceed expectations and helping to make the biggest impact possible: Making Life Better and Shaping the Future.

We from AOC would like to express our gratitude to all AOC sponsors who has supported us generously. Together let us alleviate poverty through education.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful new year 2020.


Dharma Sutedja