A Significant Milestone of Partnership and Collaboration in First Quarter 2019

By the grace of God, Australia Oikos Care (AOC) has received a significant grant and sponsorship commitment from New Life Foundation Queensland Australia (NLF).  NLF and AOC have mutually agreed to form collaboration and partnership to advance a vision and joint endeavours with multiyear goals to further our Alfa Omega School Marunda Paket A, B and C programs in Indonesia. Our sincere appreciation and a big thank you to NLF for their strong support, grant and generosity.

This is a significant milestone and has truly marked a trust, recognition and commitment placed by NLF on us to implement, execute and coordinate the endeavours hand-in-hand to expand and grow our Alfa Omega School Marunda Paket A, B and C programs for a three year period from July 2019 through to June 2022.

We are strongly committed, determined and passionate to make this happen. We all are planting seeds and investing for the school children’s long-term future growth and success through our school and the quality education we provide. Together we can make a big difference!

An Exciting News of Our Alfa Omega School Batam Indonesia

We trust you all had a good start of the year and that you all are always in the pink of health.

As we enter the second quarter of 2019, we have made good progress and achievement for our schools in Indonesia.

As mentioned on the last CEO Message, we are excited to inform you all that we are going to bless more children and family through education , We have officially signed a partnership agreement with Yayasan Setia Melayani Sesama (YSMS) Batam and Global Development Group Australia to set up our new Alfa Omega School in Batam during the first quarter. AOS Batam has bought school equipment and facilities and started the student registration and admission process in the run up of the upcoming opening of the new school in July. We are hopeful to be able to provide the good learning environment and programs for school children in Batam, Riau Province, Indonesia.

CEO Message 2019

Pay it forward – giving a donation and contribution to make a big difference to school children in need.

It has been an exciting year and may we take this opportunity to thank all donors, sponsors, partners and volunteers for your continued support, donation, generosity and kindness. It’s the time to review our goals and the progress we have made in achieving them. It can be a powerful motivator to think about opportunities for us to grow and contribute in this coming year.

Our Alfa Omega Schools in Bantargebang, Marunda and R12 Depok have been operating fruitfully and we have been blessed to have a dedicated management team, staff, teachers and volunteers helping our schools and students to grow in Indonesia. Additionally, this year we have been privileged to start the working year with the progress of renovation of our would be the school in Batam in which we expect to commence in July 2019 (seen here in pictures).

As we unite our efforts and work together with our partner (Yayasan Setia Melayani Sesama/YSMS) in Batam to address the needs of a new school for pre-school children there, this has led us to make a donation, give a contribution and provide support to our partner (YSMS) in renovating the school building and classrooms since January 2019. We have introduced our partner (YSMS) to Global Development Group Australia and they have mutually signed and entered into an entity and project agreement as part of the Global Development Group requirements to enable for the new school project to start. We wish the new school every success in their future endeavours.


Dharma Sutedja

An Official Visit to Alfa Omega School Bantargebang, Bekasi

As part of our CEO and Board of Advisor regular official visit to Australia Oikos Care School Projects in Indonesia, our CEO, Dharma Sutedja and Board of Advisor, Ferdy Wijaya have recently visited Alfa Omega School in Bantargebang, Bekasi to meet teachers, parents, school children and staff.

They are warmly welcomed and deeply touched by the dedication and commitment of our teachers there to teach and develop our school children wholeheartedly. During the visitation and fruitful meeting with the teachers and staff, they have shared and given the teachers and staff some valuable advices and directions for the school development and teaching improvements in general.

We firmly believe that our school is in the good hands to grow and develop our children. The key to children’s bright future and good life is to give and equip the children with good quality education and values so that they can achieve their dreams in the future. We shall continue to love and nurture children as best as we can and shall never stop to educate, equip, grow and develop them …

A Fruitful visitation to AOS Bantargebang

It was an exciting day for me personally since the last time I, Christine Fenhart,  visited one of the school was approximately 5 years ago before my daughters were born. We had done lots of preparation prior to the visitation with Bu Mety’s help because we wanted to give the best to the kids and the teachers at the beginning of the school year (In Indonesia the new school year starts in July instead of January).

Thankfully, we managed to get many donations and reached the target needed for the visitation which to give each students new bag, school stationeries, a proper meal, milk and also snacks. On top of that we get additional donations from local donators like vitamins and milk.

When we arrived we were greeted by the kids, they all gathered wearing the blue school uniform and sang welcome to all of us in Indonesia. Then a group of young dancers performed and they did really well dancing to the song “disini senang disana senang” with the other kids singing and cheering.

After that it was our chance to be in charge of the event, we danced together we learnt baby shark dance, chicken dance, it was really really fun!
It was continued with games – the kids really enjoyed it and the ones that managed to win the game was given lollies and milk and we welcomed other kids around the area to join.

When it comes to the serious business, I was so pleased to hear on that day along with the other 55 students who attended, we also had around 10 of the AOS Bantar Gebang alumni and all of them who continued to study to Junior High School they all managed to achieve high marks and all of the effort of has not gone in vain. Since there were lots of student parents who came along as well, Bu Mety (YCare) and Bu Maya (principal) were encouraging them to support the kids for their education instead of asking the kids to earn money by picking up rubbish.

I would like to give just a little background of the area where the school is located Bantar Gebang – it is where most of the rubbish from Jakarta goes to, I have to admit the place is unpleasant for average people because of the smell and also the unhygienic condition. It is a sad reality however I am just so blessed by the dedication of the YCare staff, Bu Maya as the principal and also all the teachers that not only have to educate the kids in this challenging environment, they also have to educate the parents the importance of school and education for the kids future which is a long term investment.

That is the reason why when it was my turn to speak, I invited everyone to give a HUGE ROUND of applause to these unsung heroes, teachers and staffs that dedicate their lives for others. Nelson Mandela once said that education is a powerful tool to change the world, the teachers and we all as the donators are sowing seeds, watering these kids life, it is a challenging and can be a costly investment that a lot of us won’t receive a direct benefit however we can see the impacts this school is making to the community and the kids life’s.

From illiterate, they can now read, write, then they can continue their study to higher education maybe in 10-20 years time there will be successful story of the kids who started their school journey from AOS Bantar Gebang, who knows.

Thank you to all the donators and all my colleague who have supported us all of these time and you all have played a part in changing these kids and community’s future.

“Alone we can do little and together we can do so much”
~ Helen Keller

CEO Message – Financial Year 2017/2018

Dear Our Valued Donors, Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers,

I would like to take a moment to thank our valued donors, sponsors, partners and volunteers for your loyalty, generosity and continued support over the past twelve months. I truly recognise we wouldn’t be where we are without the help and contributions made by each of you. I highly appreciate all of these.

Australia Oikos Care has had an exciting year actively leading, managing, overseeing, funding and assisting our school projects in Indonesia and we have established good and strong working relationships with our partners as part of our responsibility for the safekeeping and good health of our organisation business. With your continued help and support, we will once again see Australia Oikos Care continue to growing strongly during 2018/2019 financial year.

There are many ways to continue growing our school projects and community development. We have planned to explore and expand our projects and community development to some other region in Indonesia and we will seek partnership and grant to support our projects. There are still many decisions to be made in the near future and as such, improvements and changes will be made following input and consultation with the Board of Advisors, donors, sponsors and partners. By the grace of God and with more streamline and efficient operations, we expect to be able to achieve this by mid next year.

I look forward to working closely with you all and wish you a successful and prosperous year ahead.




Dharma Sutedja

Chief Executive Officer

From Household Mother to Teacher With Bachelor Degree

This is a successful story of a household mother called Edi Yuniari, graduated from Teacher Education School. Edi Yuniari become the only teacher with Bachelor Of Early Education Degree at Alfa Omega School. Here is her story:

It all started in 2009. As a household mother who had to provide for three children without having a job after my husband has passed away, the situation became more difficult. One day, Ms. Mety (Operations & Administration Manager of Alfa Omega Schools in Jakarta and Depok) proposed me to work as teacher at Marunda Alfa Omega School – I was interviewed the next day.

On 29 July 2009, I was accepted as Marunda Alfa Omega School teacher. This was the beginning of my life where I started to see light at the end of the tunnel and I saw this as a solution to provide for my children so that they will have a bright and promising future ahead.

As for my hobby, I have talents in creating artistic crafts, including song writing. The Mars song at Alfa Omega School was the result of my creation. In 2012 YCARE Jakarta and AOC Perth gave me scholarship to pursue and continue my education as early childhood teacher until on 22 February 2017, I successfully attained Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree.

“I would also like to give my sincere thanks to all the leaders in YCARE who have accepted me as a resident at Residence-12, Depok for I have never own a permanent place to live – always renting at squared houses. Even in 2016, I had the privilege to teach Early Childhood at R-12, Depok and currently I serve as the Principal at Depok Alfa Omega School. Once again thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, God bless.”

EDI Yuniari.

The story about Alfa Omega School teacher named Dedi Surya

Dedi joined one of our Schools that we sponsored in 2009, as an Early Childhood Teacher Assistant. As time went by, along with his commitment and work ethics, he was given an opportunity to teach in Program A for students who could not complete high school.

During his time as a teacher, Dedi, who only had a Diploma certificate, had always wanted to continue his study to University for a Bachelor Degree in Education. In 2012, AOC provided Dedi with a scholarship to further his education.

He enrolled in Open University in Teaching Education and in September 2017, to God’s glory, he completed his education and attained the Bachelor Degree of Education.

Words of Gratitude from Dedi Surya,

“I would like give my heartfelt thank you to all AOC Sponsors who have assisted and supported me by giving me scholarship so that I can have a bright future ahead of me. I hope the wisdom I have attained can be lent to the advancement of AOC School and to the nation. God bless the committee leaders and sponsors of AOC.”

His story has really touched our heart, as what we are doing is not only blessing the students but also the teachers who have been putting their effort and heart for the kids.

This aligns with our vision- to be an agent of change for poverty alleviation through education and empowerment of young people. Thank you for being part of it.

True Story of AOS Students Called Sigit and Sarah

“A true story of Alfa Omega School students Sigit & Sarah who are 2 siblings and children in need living in Jakarta and their former lives before attending school. We love to bring relief and happiness to children. We want Sigit & Sarah to go to school and learn, grow up and follow their dreams. We want to make our children shine. Sigit & Sarah finally attend our Alfa Omega School in Jakarta and they truly deserve the good quality education that we provide.”

Sigit and Sarah – AOS Students

“A true story of Alpha Omega School students Sigit & Sarah who are 2 siblings and children in need living in Jakarta and their former lives before attending school. We love to bring relief and happiness to children. We want Sigit & Sarah to go to school and learn, grow up and follow their dreams. We want to make our children shine. Sigit & Sarah finally attend our Alfa Omega School in Jakarta and they truly deserve the good quality education that we provide.” Kindly visit www.australiaoikoscare.org for more information and Like Our Facebook for more updates to come.

Posted by Australia Oikos Care on Friday, March 16, 2018

School Visit February 2018

Our new CEO, Mr. Dharma Sutedja, recently in February 2018 had the opportunity to thankfully visit Alfa Omega School (in cooperation with YCare Foundation, Jakarta) in Marunda North Jakarta to meet with school children and dedicated teachers and to get to know them better. In this opportunity, he deeply discussed with the teachers and staff about our school activities (teaching and learning process), school values, good quality education for our school children, teachers training & development and school improvements in general. While visiting the school, he was also handing out healthy foods and drinks to the school children.

We trust that these school children are rightfully given the good quality education and key learning process and they are deservedly equipped with the right behaviours, values and mindset right at their very early stage of education so that they can embrace the opportunity to learn and grow in their important studies and achieve their full education potentials in their well-being as good students in the foreseeable future. To be able to do all these good works, we surely need your continuing donations, financial support and generosity for Australia Oikos Care.

We truly thank and deeply appreciate all the teachers and staff for their precious time, dedication, endeavours and tremendous contribution in making this Alfa Omega School worthy and successful for the local communities there. May God bless these schools, children and teachers as well as the school staff for the many years to come. To God be the glory.